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Fitness Marketing Strategies

Within this free course, I share my 22 year fitness marketing journey. You’ll learn the step-by-step process of various fitness marketing strategies designed to help you attract qualified fitness leads while converting them into long term paying clients.


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I want you to get started right away! That’s why I’m giving you instant access to my quick-start video series. follow along as we develop a six week action plan designed to show you exactly how to get new fitness clients within a few days.


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I want you to start signing up new clients as fast as possible. Print out this action guide, follow the steps and launch three of my favorite fitness marketing campaigns. You won’t believe how fast you can grow your fitness business with just this workbook!

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Get Instant Access To Everything You Need To Grow Your Fitness Business

You’re in an amazing industry. Potential clients are literally everywhere! Everyone wants to get in better shape and everyone needs a fitness program that can help them. There’s no shortage of clients, there’s only a shortage in marketing – more specifically, marketing that gets new fitness clients. That’s where this free course comes in to help…

Take control of your fitness marketing and never worry about where your next client is coming from with these proven to work strategies designed specifically for fitness trainers who are ready to grow and build a fitness business that is never short on clients!

Online Marketing

With proper online marketing strategies, you can quickly create an ad, generate high quality leads and convert them into paying clients almost instantly.

Relationship Marketing

Fitness marketing is all about building the right kind of relationships. Our local influencer marketing campaign alone can help take your fitness business to the next level.

Print Marketing

Believe me when I tell you… print marketing is far from dead. When done right, you can still use print ads to get local clients to come in and try your fitness services. It’s all about the right messaging with the right offer.

It All Starts With Your Offer

“Your fitness offer is the foundation of your fitness marketing success. Learn how to structure your offer so that you add value to your services while attracting the clients that you want to work with.”

Take control of your fitness marketing

What You’ll Learn:

The first and most important lesson is learning how to structure your fitness offer to get the best possible response. From there, we’ll talk about how to promote your offer with various campaigns. You’ll learn some of our favorite fitness marketing strategies:

Local Influencer Marketing

Do not confuse this with traditional networking. This campaign alone can take your fitness business to the next level. Learn how to create events that can put you in front of hundreds of ideal fitness clients.

Referral Marketing

If you don’t currently have a referral marketing campaign in place then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Every referral campaign needs to have two specific elements in place. We’ll show you exactly how to encourage referrals.

Facebook Ads For Fitness Trainers

Need clients fast? Facebook is an amazing platform for generating leads if done right. Missing just a few key points can cost you a lot of money and even more missed opportunities with potential clients.

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Who Is This For?

This FREE fitness marketing course is not for everyone! Only apply if you’re a serious fitness trainer who is willing to follow a proven path towards successful fitness business growth.

In Person Fitness Trainer

If you work with clients in a face-to-face setting then this program is for you. You’ll learn how to identify better qualified leads and get them enrolled as new paying fitness clients.

Serious About Growing Your Business

This is for trainers who are serious about growing their fitness business and have a growth / entrepreneurial mindset.

Willing To Work

You’re willing to put in the work associated with business success. Growing a fitness business is not difficult but requires effort. We’ll give you the actions steps, but it’s up to you to take action!


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Fitness Marketing

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Follow these proven-to-work fitness marketing strategies and see for yourself how quickly you can start finding new clients.

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