Gym Marketing

Client Attraction Checklist

Before We Start: Get This Done

The easiest people to market to are those who are actively looking for a fitness solution. Spend some time optimizing your Google Business Profile.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Optimizing a Google local profile for a local gym is essential for increasing visibility and attracting new customers. When potential gym members search for gyms in your local area, Google My Business (GMB) profiles are often the first results to appear. If you have a physical location, use the link below to schedule a quick chat and let us know you’d like to take advantage of our free Google Profile Audit for gyms!

Let Us Build Your Fitness Marketing Machine

If you own a gym or fitness training facility and you’re ready to find new leads and convert them into paying fitness clients, then let’s chat! Here at Gym Site Solutions, we don’t just build websites, we combine creative web design with print marketing material and fitness business coaching to bring you the ultimate client building system.

Part One: Your Fitness Offer

All of your fitness marketing efforts start with an offer. Your offer is the foundation of any promotion and campaign that you run. In this section, I want to help you restructure your offer and help you attract quality fitness clients.

Refine Your Offer

Take a step back and look at your business from the eyes of a prospective client. Who wants to sign up for another free consultation? It’s not very exciting and unless they’re already sold on your services, that doesn’t really entice much of a response.

Add Value

Itemize your offer and emphasize the benefits of everything they’re getting. Are they getting a movement assessment? maybe a list of nutritional strategies and a week of group sessions? List out everything they get and take the time to really paint a picture of how each of these items will bring them closer to their fitness goals.

Give It A Name

Your offer is special, it’s unique… It’s valuable and it should help you stand out from the competition. Give it a name. You don’t have to get overly creative here but if you were to package your offer into a fitness bundle, what would you call it?

Make A Promise

When structuring your offer, think in terms of making a promise. Here’s a quick exercise:

Complete this statement: Join my (insert offer name here) and I promise you’ll _________.

Bundle Your Offer With Gift Cards

Put a value on your new bundled offer. Now, instead of just offering that package for free or at a low intro price like everyone else, create and promote gift cards that potential clients can use towards your offer. This was my fitness marketing game changer! Make sure we setup a time to chat to customize this strategy for your gym…

Promote Your Offer Before Yourself

Stop making your promotional material about you (your credentials, experience, meet the team, facility) and focus on your offer and how it benefits someone who wants to get in better shape.

Part Two: Relationship Marketing

Your fitness business is all about relationships. Your clients see you multiple times per week and trust you with their health and fitness goals. The best way to build your network of clients is by expanding your relationship marketing efforts.

Host A Fitness Event

Events are a great way to get interested people into your gym. You should always be brainstorming event ideas, promoting and launching. Offer those who show up for your event an amazing deal on your fitness services. Do this on the spot while they’re the most interested!

Quick Tip Make the registration process as easy as possible. Don’t overcomplicate the signup process with long forms! When you become a Gym Site Solutions client, you’ll have access to event registration page templates that bring potential clients into your facility.

Network The Right Way - Local Influencers

Networking with other local business owners does not mean exchanging business cards and wishing for the best. Collaborate exclusive event ideas with various businesses and get in front of new potential clients using strategic marketing collaborations. If you’re interested, I have an entire video on this one topic and I’m confident that when done right, this one campaign can change the trajectory of your fitness business.

Create A BIG Referral BIG Reward Program

Relationship marketing can start internally with your own current client base and network. Incentivize your clients to refer friends and family by offering big payouts. You fitness business relies on client acquisition. Don’t be afraid to create big incentives for new members. Think outside of the traditional and boring… “free sessions for a referral”. Your business is worth more than that… isn’t it?

Part Three: Digital Marketing

Digital advertising and communication is absolutely essential in growing your fitness business. In most cases, digital content will be the first impress a potential client has of your and your gym. This is a fast way to get your offer out there!

Facebook Ads

There’s no question about it, your potential clients are on facebook. Create a simple landing page that focuses on your offer and start driving traffic to that page. Make sure to take advantage of facebook’s audience tool and specify your ideal demographic.

Your Google Business Profile

Yes, it’s worth mentioning twice. There’s just no better prospect than someone who is actively looking for your services. You Google Business Profile needs to show up before your completion.

Your Website Is Your Marketing Hub

Regardless of where traffic is coming from, your fitness website needs to be optimized for conversions. A simple brochure style website won’t cut it. You site needs to work for you… It literally needs to take names and book appointments. This is where we come in as we build the highest converting gym websites for fitness professionals – That’s a promise.

Part Four: Get Physical

Digital advertising is quick and easy to learn. That’s why everyone (everyone including your competition) is promoting online. Take advantage of old-school advertising methods and stand out from the other local fitness facilities.

Door Hangers

Create a door hanger that gives value. Maybe share a fitness tip, a gift card or special “Invitation Only” offer to your neighborhood. These work well if used properly. Do not use gift cards to immediately sell your services.

Direct Mail Still Works

You might not get as many leads through direct mail as you would with other forms of advertising, but those who do respond to a mailer typically convert better. There is a higher associated level of intent with someone who opens and responds to your mail.

Countertop Display Ads

Create a small 4X6 display with a card holder and rent counter space at local businesses that serve your ideal client. Promote your offer and pass out gift cards or promotional cards that point visitors to a special offer.

Take Advantage Of QR Codes

QR codes were a big flop when they were first introduced. Marketers tried to use them in their advertising methods with little luck… Then, something happened. COVID hit and when we as a nation opened back up, there was little contact. Menus were replaced with QR codes and people were comfortably scanning away. When used properly, they can get people to respond to your marketing quickly and easily. I mean, who wants to type a web url address on a mobile phone these days???

Part Five: Bonus Marketing Checklist

Here are a few more quick ideas that you should put on your gym marketing calendar.

Create A Holiday Marketing Schedule

You should have a promotion for every major holiday. These promotions should be advertised and sent to your list of contacts of potential and past clients. Make a calendar in advance to avoid missing any potential holiday opportunities.

Referral Contest For A Paid Vacation

In addition to giving generous referral rewards, you could host a referral contest where the winner receives a paid vacation for two. Maybe something like… The first person to refer 10 people who become clients during the month of (insert month here) wins a paid vacation.

A paid vacation might cost you a few hundred dollars but you just landed at least 10 new clients in one month from one promotion. Not leads, but paying clients!

Part Six: Your Next Step

Your fitness business is all about relationships. Your clients see you multiple times per week and trust you with their health and fitness goals. The best way to build your network of clients is by expanding your relationship marketing efforts.

If You Own A Gym And Need More Clients, Then We Need To Chat…