A Local Community of Potential Fitness Clients

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If you’re a small gym owner / fitness studio owner and you work with members in person (small groups, 1-on-1 training, bootcamps or large groups) then be sure to check out our free gym marketing kit. This kit includes gym marketing campaigns that you can use to attract new clients right away.

Unlock a Wealth of Fitness Clients: Tap into Your Local Apartment Community

Are you a fitness trainer or gym owner facing the challenge of promoting your business? Well, I’ve stumbled upon an exciting opportunity that can help you connect with a substantial number of potential clients. This unique approach can be a game-changer for fitness trainers looking to expand their reach. Did you know that high end apartment complexes compete for residents’ attention by offering top-notch amenities and hosting events. These events not only bring prestige to the complex but also provide an excellent opportunity for gym owners to showcase their services to a captive audience eager to try something new. Seize the opportunity! Imagine putting yourself in front of hundreds of potential clients at once. These communities are home to hundreds (if not thousands) of  tenants. Property managers are eagerly looking for new events that they can coordinate for the community. Every new event triggers an email blast and promotional flyers distributed throughout the complex, resulting in significant exposure for your fitness business. These events range from food and wine tasting, pet activities, art gathering and even… You guessed it, yoga and fitness events! You’re literally one phone call away from an opportunity to put your gym in front of hundreds of potential clients. Here’s what you need to do Reach out to the leasing departments of upscale local apartments and propose a one-day fitness bootcamp for their residents. Most high-end complexes have outdoor spaces available, requiring you to bring nothing more than your positive attitude. The best part? These leads are not only interested in fitness but can also afford your services. Set a comfortable limit on signups and implement an RSVP system to collect valuable contact information. After the event, follow up with attendees and highlight your paid programs. This is a prime opportunity to grow your fitness business and introduce yourself to a fresh audience. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your gym business while helping others achieve their fitness goals! This campaign seamlessly aligns with the local influencer marketing strategy outlined in my gym marketing kit. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, be sure to do so today. Feel free to reach out with any questions—I’m here to assist you on your fitness journey.

Gym Owner Notes

Here are a few action items to consider when promoting your gym to local high end apartment complexes:


  • Consult with your insurance and an attorney to discuss any liability issues
  • Make a list of high end communities
  • Note that some property managers manage multiple complexes that share amenities
  • Showcase the value that you can add to the tenants
  • Create a special offer for anyone who attends this event